I have spent many years watching my children grow up at WSCA. I have loved and appreciated every moment they have spent here and will always be grateful for the wonderful beginning to their education that WSCA gave them!
— S. Nicolson
I have been very impressed with WSCA. Everyone has been very professional, caring and focused on learning. The children graduate well rounded in education, socialization and independence. I have recommended the school to many and will continue to.
— J. Nied
We heard about WSCA through our daycare provider and family friend. After speaking with a school representative, online research, and countless conversations, we enrolled our son. From the application/registration process to phone conversations with staff, daily greetings in the hall, WSCA has exceeded our expectations!! What an amazing school, program, and staff! We are always welcomed and greeted with a smile. Everyone is truly amazing. We are beyond pleased with the development we have seen in our son and with the school in general that we enrolled him in the WSCA kindergarten program next year!

Thank you for all you do to make the parents and children comfortable and for placing the students learning as a priority.
— A. Foster
As we near the end of our fourth year at Wheatland Salem, we can truly say that we’ve been nothing but happy, satisfied, and impressed with both our son and daughter’s preschool experience. We are so grateful that WSCA was our preschool of choice. What an amazing preschool with a loving staff who truly has the best interest of the students and their families in mind. WSCA has given both of our children the best building blocks to launch off of for the rest of their educational journeys.
— M. Berck
We have loved being a part of Wheatland Salem for almost 4 years. Both of our boys have had great experiences at WSCA. We couldn’t be happier with the progress they made in preparation for kindergarten. We would highly recommend Wheatland Salem to any of our friends!!
— A. Sweda
We have loved our time at Wheatland Salem and would recommend the school to anyone looking for a fun, nurturing, learning environment. I am so impressed with the quality of the teachers, their enthusiasm and the caring environment of the school. Both of my daughters (6 years apart) attended WSCA and not only loved coming to school but they were well prepared for kindergarten!!
— K. Grikis
WSCA has been a huge part of our family and our children’s education. We have had two sons go through the school. Three main components make WSCA the best; loving teachers, excellent curriculum and God’s love as the center. The teachers are so loving and provide the necessary structure and education to make certain our children are kindergarten ready. The curriculum and attention to each individual child and their specific needs is what makes it stand out from the rest. My 8 year old was prepared for kindergarten after being at WSCA that he was far ahead of the average. It is a God centered school and the love of Christ is very visible every day. So if you are looking for the very best preschool Naperville has to offer, WSCA is it!
— A. Hasan
As a working mother of 4 kids, choosing a preschool for my children was a major decision. I knew from the moment I walked in that Wheatland Salem Christian Academy was the right fit. All four of my children have attended WSCA and I would highly recommend it to my friends and neighbors. Every morning the Director or Assistant Director greets me and my children by name as we walk through the academy doors. The many options of class times and days gives flexibility of finding a “just right” class for any child. The warm loving, Christian environment was the perfect balance between academic, socialization and play time for all of my children. The music, motor movement, and optional enrichment classes allowed me to customize my child’s learning experience.

When my now kindergartner was in the 4 year old program his teacher approached me one day and mentioned that her class was not the right class for him to be in. I thought something was wrong at first, but then she explained to me that the dynamic of her classroom wasn’t challenging enough for him. She suggested I put him in the extended day where he would have more individualized attention. The classroom setting was smaller and by having more time with the teacher, he would flourish. We took her suggestion and were thrilled with the results. My son not only was reading by the end of the year, but he developed a love for school that has allowed him to succeed tremendously in kindergarten.

Thank you, WSCA staff for an awesome preschool experience for my family!
— C. Foley
Our experience at WSCA has been tremendously rewarding. The teachers and administration create a nurturing environment that allowed my children to grow, explore, learn, make friends, sing and play. All three of our children attended WSCA and they were all academically well-prepared for elementary school. More importantly, the teachers at WSCA instilled a sense of self-confidence and a love of learning that has served our children well. We have been very happy to be part of the WSCA family!
— M. Shield
I’m very happy to have found WSCA! The teachers sincerely care about the children. My son has learned so much and loves going to school! The staff is welcoming and diligent. I couldn’t have asked for a better preschool experience for him!
— J. Campagna
All of my children combined have attended four preschools in their young lives and have had an array of teachers along the way, some good and some not so great. Since the beginning of this class year with Mrs. Dowler, I have been nothing but impressed. Besides her wonderful personality, she tries so hard to reach each child independently, and reports to the parents the things that would ensure this. Throughout the years these moments have continued and with the combination of the curriculum your school offers I have seen my child really come in to her own. Every day my daughter bounces out of your school excited to tell me about everything she has done and what exciting things she had happen to her that day. My daughter cries on days we drop her brothers off to their elementary school but then do not continue to your parking lot for her class as well. This is something in a three child history of preschools I have only seen once. In the past years my children would have been sad to have not seen their friends but my daughter wants to see her TEACHER and her friends. The schools programming and curriculum are the best I have seen to date and feel it should be noted for it’s ability to offer such a well rounded program.
— E. Lardio